All tape measures bend when using them in an internal recess, but essentially not providing an accurate measurement, meaning a guess would have to do, especially under wall tiles for a kitchen worktop, for example. As experienced tradespeople would know, accuracy is always needed to ensure all measurements were very precise to ensure a professional finish. The idea of MATEY MEASURE® is to ‘square’ off the curve to allow for quick and easy precise measurements.


About the inventor of MATEY MEASURE®, Steve Capon

As a builder with over 30 years experience, Steve Capon often found himself with problems to solve, and being a perfectionist, he wanted to be as precise as possible to ensure a professional finish. Measurements on internal cavities could take time to do properly. As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”, Steve was well aware that getting a measurement wrong could mean ill fitting, or at worst would have to start again. When Steve realised that if a ‘tab’ could extend beyond the curve of the underside of the tape measure, and temporarily fixed in place, then an accurate reading could be made each and every time. And this is where MATEY MEASURE™ was born!