The curve of the tape measure

1.  Use the tape measure so it bends at the join of the two perpendicular surfaces you want to measure.

Open the Matey Measure™

2. Open the MATEY MEASURE® and clamp it on the tape measure making sure the tape sits squarely against the three backstops.

Push to the furthest extent of the measurement

3. Slide the MATEY MEASURE® along the tape to the desired length so the specially designed extension touches the end point span of measure.

See the precise measure

4. Once the MATEY MEASURE® is securely clamped on the tape bring them away together and read the accurate measurement.

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about MATEY MEASURE®

I wanted to tell you that I am pleased with my purchase and I will recommend it to people I know. What a clever idea every toolbox should have one!


Excellent little tool! The days of guess work are over!


Thank you and good luck with selling a great idea.

Liz R

It solves a problem I've often had, so thanks very much for the invention and service. Thanks again, and please consider this to be five star feedback.

Mark P

I would just like to say that the Matey Measure turned up very quickly and I am more than pleased with it. Wishing you every success.

Diane K

Just to let you know, I received my Matey Measure this morning in the post. Thanks very much and I look forward to using it.

Graham B

I am just writing to say thank you so much for your wonderful invention. I saw you on the customer is always right and knew I had to buy one for my son who is a builder. I just want to wish you all the luck in the world.

Michelle S

My matey has arrived and very pleased I am! Good luck, simple idea, great product, I love it and I have been a joiner for 34 years! All the best.

Phil H

This is a very good product for diy enthusiasts, I watched the programme being aired on tv with my husband who said that’s a good product. We’ve lent it to our son who is busy with diy and he’s making good use of it.

Brenda M