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Matey Measure™: Building upon a great new British brand

Steve Capon with the new Matey Measure™ packaging

This is an exciting time for Matey Measure™, which is a new and innovative tool that is certainly gaining in popularity. This is a simple, yet highly effective, measuring device, particularly useful for a wide range of trade-related work, from building to plumbing, and DIY, too. Whether measuring for worktops or wall tiles, accuracy is vital and Matey Measure™ certainly ensures preciseness for those and much more.

Steve’s home has now doubled as a warehouse and despatch centre!

The product was created by inventor Steve Capon, a Brighton-based builder for over 30 years. He always knew the importance of having correct, accurate measurements, yet, understandably, found this part of his work somewhat challenging, such as with tight corners, for example. The idea for Matey Measure™ came to his imaginative mind in 2018. Since then, its awareness and achievements have continued to grow, including with recent great interest in the product worldwide, including many orders coming in from Japan, America, New Zealand and Australia. This is all despite what is currently a difficult time for businesses of all sizes, due to Covid-19.

This 10x size Matey Measure™ for trade shows or giants!

Matey Measure™ and Steve will be returning to the British Invention Show this October at the Savoy in London. He will be displaying the product and discussing it with trade representatives, members of the public and professionals who would most certainly find it of appeal. In 2018, although Matey Measure™ was then in its early stages, it won Gold, Double Gold and Platinum at the British Invention Show’s awards. In 2019, it won the Diamond Award, also known as the Best Invention of the Year.

Getting Matey Measure™ off the ground was a mind bending process!

Broadcast on BBC One during lockdown, Steve took part in the popular series ‘The Customer is Always Right’. It saw members of the public trying out the show’s participants’ products, with a great response for Matey Measure™. This was highly beneficial, resulting in a great awareness and seeing sales swiftly going through the roof, mainly via eBay. Since then, it has been specially featured on the online selling site’s DIY section. This continues to be a highly advantageous promotion for the product.

A great success story, Matey Measure™ is very much proving to be an example of British innovation and inventiveness, thanks to Steve’s persistence and dedication to his idea.

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For further info, Steve can be reached on 07540 418890 or

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