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Matey Measure™ is featured in an article in The Independent newspaper about businesses flourishing in lockdown on Ebay.

Matey Measure™ featured in The Independent newspaper

Last year, Steve Capon, a former Dragon’s Den candidate from Brighton, won a global licensing deal for his latest invention, Matey Measure – a DIY tool that helps builders to accurately measure corners. 

Mr Capon successfully launched it on the auction website during lockdown, and the 51-year-old is now getting interest from international buyers in countries including the US, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, boosted by his appearance on BBC One’s The Customer is Always Right show in March . 

“The key with any new invention is people talking about the product, and eBay is a great place because it provides you with the feedback that is crucial to my business model. Sales went off the Richter scale after my appearance on TV and I didn’t have time to keep up with packaging,” Mr Capon says. 

Steve’s home has now doubled as a warehouse and despatch centre!

The product was created by inventor Steve Capon, a Brighton-based builder for over 30 years. He always knew the importance of having correct, accurate measurements, yet, understandably, found this part of his work somewhat challenging, such as with tight corners, for example. The idea for Matey Measure™ came to his imaginative mind in 2018. Since then, its awareness and achievements have continued to grow, including with recent great interest in the product worldwide, including many orders coming in from Japan, America, New Zealand and Australia. This is all despite what is currently a difficult time for businesses of all sizes, due to Covid-19.

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“eBay also gives you access to a wider marketplace. I’ve just ordered 10,000 units – 2,080 are already on their way to Australia and New Zealand, 500 to Japan, and the rest will go off to the UK and the US.” 

The entrepreneur is hoping the business will be profitable next year, which would allow him to quit his building career and focus solely on his invention. “We’ve only been trading six months but we expect our yearly turnover to be close to £100,000. This has all been done without borrowing money or taking any loans from the government.” 

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For further info, Steve can be reached on 07540 418890 or

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