Don’t guess it… Matey Measure® it!

As experienced tradespeople would know, accuracy is always needed to ensure all measurements were very precise to ensure a professional finish. The idea of MATEY MEASURE® is to ‘square’ off the curve to allow for quick and easy precise measurements. No toolbox should be without a matey measure!



  • Use for flooring recess woodwork. eg door ways windows, general building and many other diy jobs.
  • No guess work.
  • Only Matey is a patent pending, BRITISH DESIGN DONT ACCEPT THE FAKES THAT BREAK.


Step 1

Use the tape measure so it bends at the join of the two perpendicular surfaces you want to measure.


Step 2

Open the MATEY MEASURE® and clamp it on the tape measure making sure the tape sits squarely against the three backstops.


Step 3

Slide the MATEY MEASURE® along the tape to the desired length so the specially designed extension touches the end point span of measure.


Step 4

Once the MATEY MEASURE® is securely clamped on the tape bring them away together and read the accurate measurement.

I bought one of these at the UK Construction Week Show last year and I’ve only just got around to using it in lockdown. I found it easy to use and I’m not the most logical or handy of people!! It clips to the tape measure and when you remove the tape it still holds on to where you measured to. I can’t claim to be an excellent DIYer but it really helped me!!

Alicia McColl

Having made a lookey-likey Matey Measure out of a bulldog clip and hacksaw blade I had to have one the moment I saw it and it was even better than I imagined. I have just finished fitting a small uPVC larder window which was my first Matey Measure project and it fitted beautifully. MM was also a doddle to use making an awkward job (I am 64) a breeze. Give your better half a Matey Measure for Xmas they will love you for it and even my wife has used it.

David Wadsworth

After seeing this on the BBC's "The Customer Is Always Right" I was very impressed I knew I had to have one. It is so simple to use and does exactly what it's made to do. No more too short or too long just accurate measurement it's brilliant, every Tool Box should have one!

Mo Jones